Subham Samanth s/o Gopal Samanth from West Bengal, a six year old kid suffering from Brain tumour, had undergone surgery for the same and was under chemotherapy for past four years. He was recommended MRI scan of brain at NIMHANS. For this our Belagu Foundation was approached for assistance.

Our interaction with the kid and his father started from this MRI scan. It was not encouraging to know from the scan report that the tumor had re-grown. At such an early age of six years, the child had to undergo second brain surgery for the removal of the tumor. Assistance was offered from our trust for the surgery. But the boy developed complications of fluid accumulation, for which another surgery was conducted and was in ICU for the next 10 days.

Finally, complications of abdominal ulcers, leading to perforations and septicemia took its toll in-spite of another corrective surgery. All efforts to help were made till last day by supporting for required medicines.

To cure or to save life may not be in our hands, but shouldering the responsibility to provide required assistance to helpless parents till the endappeared a worthy cause to support.

Hospital No: 4526/15 (Kidwai)
Address: Hoogly district, West Bengal.
Contact No: +919332532957

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