Government Higher Primary School, Obalapura is a Government of Karnataka institution under the Education Department, which is located in Obalapura village of Nelamangala taluk of Bengaluru Rural district. The school is currently catering the primary and higher education of children from in and around Obalapura village and has academic learning facility from 1st to 8th Standard.

With assistance from locally operating NGOs and within the available departmental funds a lot of infrastructure like classrooms, computers, inverters, playground, compound walls, toilets, RO water facilities, etc were already in place. Belagu Foundation approached the Head Master of the School to learn about any opportunities to be a part of the infrastructure development, which will improve the learning of the children.

Foundation, however, was only lucky enough to help the School to procure sports equipment like football, volleyball, badminton, chess, lido, frisbee discs, etc to the students of different ages. The unexpected thanksgiving to Belagu Foundation by the students & teachers was priceless.

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  1. I want to know more information about belagu foundation HQ. it’s founder and executive members

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