Manjula is a 40 year old lady from Sunkadakatte, Bangalore. She was a garment industry employee. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during 2012. Since she was not covered under any schemes, Sanman Foundation had assisted her for chemotherapy and she received 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 15 cycles of raiotherapy after a surgery. By then she had exhausted all her saving and earning and had lost her capacity to employ herself again. Her husband also considered it futile to pursue treatment for cancer. Let alone money, she had no one to accompany her for treatment sessions at Kidwai. In such situation, all her fears returned in the form of a lump in her armpit again in 2017. She desperately needed assistance for CT scan and screening tests. Required assistance was provided for all the tests and CT scan and the report showed just a non-malignant mass, which gave her interim relief.  She is very thankful for the help.

When told that it is only the financial assistance that we provide, but no one would share the pain and agony the disease has been causing, her reply was “Any amount of pain is tolerable in front of the worry for what to do for the next day’s expenses to go to hospital”. Her words reinstated our commitment to provide help for such needy patients.

Hospital No: 9818/12.

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