Incidental encounter with cancer patients at Kidwai hospital, Bangalore, by group of volunteers gave them the opportunity to understand the magnitude of impact it has on physical, financial and social spheres of the patient’s life. The devastation it would have on the lives of patients and their families without financial stability was unimaginable. This realization of their sufferings initiated our journey to identify poor & needy cancers patients support them by collectively contribute for their treatment cost.

In a short period, a total of Rs. 1,33,500 was contributed by the group members. Motivated by the progress achieved by a small group in a short span of 4 months, it was planned to take up these activities on a larger scale by instituting a trust.

Dr. T, Sreenivasa Reddy, was instrumental in involving ten like-minded individuals to join hands in instituting the trust ‘BELAGU FOUNDATION’ in January 2018, with a vision to share the care and concern for those who are striving to have a better tomorrow.

Along with the initial activities in health care sector, initiatives are taken up in education, agriculture, veterinary, rural development and social sectors.

The trust with its eleven founder members has been able to motivate more number of supporters to involve in our activities in a span of two months. This platform is an invitation to like-minded people to join hands with us to create a change in the life of people around us.

‘We may not help everyone in need, but everyone can help someone in need’