We integrate efforts to create awareness and provide assistance to farmers in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture and allied activities for betterment of their knowledge and skills to get better yields and for application of eco-friendly technologies.

Projects to provide drinking water, infrastructure facilities in rural schools, hospitals and such other facilities for improving the life standards of rural people are planned from the Foundation.

Projects to adopt villages to ensure overall improvement in animal health and productivity through scientific husbandry practices are also planned.

Projects to create awareness about hazards caused by pesticides in agriculture and antibiotic resistance in veterinary practice has also been planned by the Foundation.

Projects to provide relief measures to human and animal population during the times of natural calmities like floods are also taken up by the foundation.

These projects are taken up through ‘Punyakoti Animal Husbandry Fund’ of the foundation.

Progress till now: https://belagu.org.in/relief-to-flood-affected-livestock/