One can choose to donate to

  • any of the projects and funds of the Foundation, or
  • as general donation to the Trust fund.

Donor who contributes more than Rs. 50,000 to any project or fund shall become ‘Patrons’ of our Foundation in honor of their ‘Trust’ in our ‘Trust’.

Our Bank Account Details:
A/c Name: Belagu Foundation
A/c Number: 564902050000003
Bank: Union Bank of India
Branch: Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, Bengaluru-24
IFSC: UBIN0556491
(please email us about payment & it’s purpose)

Donations Received

Sl No
Name of Donors
Total amount of donations received
Project to which donations are received
Smt Rajeshwari H S
Health Care
2Dr T Sreenivasa Reddy
Health Care & Corpus fund
3Dr B K Mahesh & friends
Health Care
4Mr Siddharth135000
Health Care & Corpus fund
5Dr Asha H B171000Health Care, Edu fund & Corpus fund
6Smt Shobha Devi
Health Care
7Dr Ramesh Rao
Health Care & Corpus fund
8Dr T M Ramesh
Health Care & Community Dev
9Dr Prashanth J C
Health Care, Edu fund, Flood relief & Corpus fund
10Ms Meenakshi S A
Social &Edu
11Dr Sateesh Mannapur
Health Care & Corpus fund
12Dr Gayathri H R
Health Care & Corpus fund
13Dr Abhilash15500
Health Care & Corpus fund
14Dr Pranesh Jahagirdar10000

Corpus fund
15Mr Samahith
Health Care
16Dr Lakshmana A M
Health Care
17Dr Siddaramanna10000
Health Care
18Dr B K Mahesh10000
Health Care
19Dr Manohar Upadhyaya10000Health Care
20Mrs Usha5500
Health Care & Social sec
21Dr Parameshwara Hegde
Health Care
22Bharath Reddy
Health Care
23Mr B N Charana
Health Care
24Dr K T Sujatha5000Health Care
25Ms Bindu6500Health care
26Ms Meenakshi V P5000Health care
27Mr Basavalingappa
Health Care, Flood relief
28Ms Veena Prashanth
Health Care
29Dr Manjunatha Shinde
Health Care
30Dr Kiran T S
7000Health Care
31Mr Lokesha H K
2000Health Care
32Dr Basavalingappa
5000Health Care
33Dr Nanagouda Halli
2500Health Care
34Dr Deepak
3000Health Care
35Ms Nagashree
4000Health Care
36Dr Jagadish C S
2000Health Care
37Anonymus1500Health Care
38Dr Ramprakash D
3000Health Care
39Ms Rohini12000Health Care
40Dr A M Shivakumar9000Health Care
41Ms Srujana D N 1000Health Care
42Dr Deepak J N
8000Health Care
43Dr Ramachandra Reddy
10000Health Care
KVA, Chikkamagalur
2000AH Fund
44Dr Sridhar
9000Health Care, Edu fund
45Dr Veena A S
10000Edu fund
46Dr Renukaradhya
74000Edu fund & RMCA fund
47Dr Mohan (USA)
63000Edu fund & RMCA fund
48Dr Nagesh (Vetaran Labs)
10000Flood relief
49Dr Smitha
2000Flood relief
50Dr Manohar Upadhya (Vetpet formulations)
30000Flood relief
51Ms Ashwini Bhat
10000Flood relief
52Whizkids, VJ'0' series Vets
10000Flood relief
53Dr Janaki
5000Flood relief
54Aravind Vasanthrao Kulkarni
25000Flood relief
55Dr Shrikanth Phadke
2000Flood relief
56Dr Chandrakala

35000Health care, Flood relief
500Flood relief
4000Flood relief
59Dr Basavaraju
5000Edu fund
60Dr Nataraju S M
10000Edu fund
61Dr Manjunath
12000Health care, Edu fund
62Dr Lakshminarayana Swamy
3000Health care
63Ms Madhavi
2000Health care
64Mr Abhishek5000Health care
65Ms Ashwini3000Health care