It is the extended generous hands of our donors that could instill hope in the lives of some of the deserving poor students. Opportunities of better education opened up to them with our fee sponsor program. Children in some rural schools have access to digital media. Support to basic needs of education like stationary has made their struggles easier.

Gist of contributions to education programs during the last 3 years

Sl NoActivities2018-192019-202020-21Total
3PU and degree courses fee sponsor to seven students from Shishumandir.15300036500030000548000
1Stationary to rural schools7000089000159000
2Digital class rooms in five schools (including contribution from Rotary foundation)200000200000
4To Gatti Suprith in memory of Dr Gatti Yogish, from his class mates and friends through foundation. 1250000125000


Programmes under ‘Dr Abdul Kalam Education Fund’ of Belagu Foundation:

  1. Stationary Assistance in Govt Primary schools:

Stationary help is regularly provided in 6 selected rural government schools every year. Due to pandemic, as the schools were shut during 2020-21, the program has been held back.

  • Govt Model Primary school, Obalapura, Nelamangala.
  •  Govt Model Primary school, ID Hally, Madhugiri taluk.
  • Govt Model Primary school, Kadagattur, Madhugiri taluk.
  • Nisarga Jnanamandira, Kodigenahally, Madhugiri taluk.
  • Govt High School, Badamakanahally, Bangarpet taluk.
  • Rural high school, Bethamangala, Bangarpet taluk.

2. Adopting students from rural schools and sponsoring their education

    During 2018-19, 6 students from low income families were provided fee sponsor. During 2019-20, 25 students from Kolar, Tumkur & Bangalore Rural district were supported financially for various degree & PU courses. During 2020-21, due the pandemic, there was no clear guidelines on the fee structure for schools & colleges as there was only online learning in some schools. However, financial assistance has been provided to three students who are under our sponsorship since last three years, to continue their bachelor’s degree programs.

Amount sponsored: Rs 5,48,000 in the last 3 years.

During 2021-22, three students who were sponsored for I PU during 2020-21 will be assisted with Rs 15,000 each towards their II Pu college fee.

Estimated cost: Rs 45,000 @ Rs 15,000 for 3 students.

3. Digital class rooms:

     During 2018-19, we have provided digital class rooms with e-learning facilities in 4 rural schools, at Obalapura, Nelamangala taluk, ID Hally & Kadagattur, Madhugiri taluk and Bethamangala, Kolar district at a cost of Rs 2,00,000 (Rs 1,20,000 from Rotary, Rs 70,000 from foundation & its donors, Rs 10,000 from local people).

        During 2020-21, no new digital classrooms were facilitated, as the schools remained closed due to the pandemic.

Total amount utilized: Rs 2,00,000

4. Project on supporting online learning :

With pandemic changing the scenario of education system, on-line education is now given priority by the prestigious Inforsys Foundation in selected rural high schools and junior colleges. Under this programme, Infosys will provide hardware & software for online programme, if the infrastructure needed for the same are created in the institution. One such school selected for this year is the Govt Junior College, ID Halli, Madhugiri taluk.

Our Foundation has been working with this college and desks and book racks worth Rs 70,000 have been provided earlier. So, the college has approached our Foundation for support to create the required infrastructure facilities. Rural children from across 5 to 6 villages studying in this college are going to be benefitted with this programme.

The approximate estimated cost of creating required infrastructure in the college is Rs 50,000.

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Contributions received during 2019-20 for fee sponsor program

Sl NoDonorAmount
1Dr Janardhan (USA)10000
2Ms Usha H B 11000
3Dr Pranesh Jahagirdar11000
4Dr Jayaramaiah L K5000
5Dr Asha H B 10000
6Dr Shreedhar Reddy3000
7Dr Basavaraju10000
8Dr Veena10000
9Ms Veena Prashanth3000
10Dr Nandini20000
11Reminiscence Charity group50000
12Dr Girish20000
13Mr Basavalingappa25000
14Dr Asha10000
15Dr Mohan44000

Our A/c details: A/c Name: Belagu Foundation. A/c No: 564902050000003 Bank: Union Bank of India Branch: Bhuvaneshwarinagar, Bangalore-24 IFSC: UBIN0556491