A journey of thousand miles starts with one step.

Our journey started at Kidwai Memorial Cancer Institute, Bangalore in the early 2017. It was with the help of NGOs already working in the hospital that we started to identify poor & needy patients and in a short period of few months, financial support was provided to thirteen needy patients for diagnostic procedures like PET scan, CT scan, screening tests and radiotherapy.

The activities were first started on personal basis by Dr. T. Sreenivasa Reddy & Smt. Rajeshwari and later on taken up as a group activity with likeminded people. To channelize the work on a broader platform involving more volunteers, “Belagu Foundation” was instituted in January 2018.

Progress till now:         

Support to cancer patients:

Patients referred by doctors/ NGOs/ who directly approach the foundation are provided financial assistance for treatment/ diagnostic test, through hospitals/ diagnostic centres.

Progress till now:  https://belagu.org.in/support-to-cancer-patients/

Support for educational programmes:

Selected rural schools are supported with stationary material to children. Some schools are provided ‘digital class rooms’ in co-ordination with rotary foundation. Sponsorships have been arranged for higher education to deserving poor students by co-ordination with donors.

Progress till now: https://belagu.org.in/support-to-educational-projects/

Livelihood projects:

We sponsor unemployed youth for vocational training conducted at UNNATI, a centre run by an NGO, SGBS trust at Sadanandanagar, Bangalore.

Progress till now: https://belagu.org.in/support-for-livelihood-projects/

Support to farmers & livestock in flood affected areas:  

Floods in Kerala and Kodagu during August 2018 evoked aquick respose among the supporters of Belagu and relief activitis were planned and executed.

Details: https://belagu.org.in/relief-to-flood-affected-livestock/

This journey started by one person with one purpose, continues with multiple projects, with many hands and hearts joining to share the care and concern for those who are struggling for a better tomorrow…