A. Health care sector

  1. To provide assistance for diagnosis, treatment and any other relevant procedures like surgery to poor and needy patients suffering from severe diseases like cancer, renal failure, etc.
  2. To co-ordinate with different groups and NGOs when there is requirement for blood and its components.
  3. To organize voluntary blood donation camps in collaboration with other organizations, educational institutions and corporate offices.

B. Education Sector

  1. To support education of the under privileged.
  2. For creating better educational facilities in rural schools.

C. Community Development Sector

  1. To create awareness and provide assistance to farmers in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture and allied activities for betterment of their knowledge and skills to get better yields and for application of eco-friendly technologies.
  2. To adopt villages to ensure overall improvement in animal health and productivity through scientific husbandry practices.
  3. To provide drinking water, infrastructure facilities in rural schools, hospitals and such other facilities for improving the life standards of rural people.
  4. To create awareness about hazards caused by pesticides in agriculture and antibiotic resistance in veterinary practice.
  5. To conserve, protect and preserve nature.

D. Social Sector

  1. To rehabilitate orphaned children, old age persons & destitute women by establishing and supporting old age homes, day care centres and orphanages in needy places.
  2. To supporting livelihood projects for the unemployed youth like vocational and life skill training in specialized centres providing them.

E. Others

Any other activity which will bring out sustainable livelihood development of the resource-poor individuals, group of individuals and /or the community at large shall be adopted by the trust in future.