Support to cancer patients:

  • We have provided continued assistance for chemotherapy to eleven patients, by mobilizing contributions of about Rs 3.90 lakhs from donors.
  • We have sponsored 19 patients for PET scan and other related procedures and provided Rs 3.30 lakhs for this purpose.
  • We raised Rs 1.00 contributions to help a student from Hyderabad for BMT.
  • Sl N
    Mode of transfer
    1Dr T Sreenivasa Reddy10000Through our trust
    2Mr Lokesha H K
    2000Through our trust
    3Dr Lakshmana A M
    5000Through our trust
    4Dr Kiran T S
    7000Through our trust
    5Ms Bindu
    5000Through our trust
    6Anonymus10000Through our trust
    7Dr Chandrakala C
    25000Through our trust
    8Dr Basavalingappa
    5000Through our trust
    9Dr Nanagouda Halli
    2500Through our trust
    10Dr Sateesh Mannapur
    1000Through our trust
    11Deepak, Mysore
    3000Through our trust
    12Ms Nagashree
    4000Through our trust
    13Dr Jagadish C S
    2000Through our trust
    14Anonymus1500Through our trust
    15Dr Ramprakash D
    1000Through our trust
    16M/s Vet Pet Formulations, Mangalore10000Through our trust
    17Ms Rohini Lakshman6000Through our trust
    18Dr Mahalingappa H Karigar
    2000Directly through PayTM
    19Mr Bharath Reddy1000Directly through PayTM
    GRAND TOTAL103000
  • For three children, for whom, treatment at Kidwai did not yield cure and needed bone marrow transplantation and other higher treatment, it was taken up in co-ordination with St John’s Medical College Hospital.
  • We raised Rs 6.7 lakhs through social media campaign to get BMT done for a girl, Harshitha. Apart from this, foundation has also provided help of Rs 2.5 lakhs for her treatment and other procedures. Presently, she is under treatment at St john’s .
  • Help to the extent of Rs 5 lakhs was provided for a 11 yr old boy, Shivaraj, who was advised salvage chemo and BMT.
  • Presently, a 9 yr old girl, Angel is under treatment at St John’s hospital since one month and our foundation has provided assistance of Rs 80,000 till now.
  • Foundation also supported the cardiac surgery of an orphaned baby from ‘Shishumandir’ Children’s home by paying Rs 50,000 at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.
  • Healthcare

    Sl. No.DateBeneficiaryAge (yrs)ConditionDonated byAmount (Rs.)Purpose
    2513.12.2018Mamun Haque7Hodkin's lymphomaTrust fund6500PET Scan
    2423.11.2018Angel9AMLTrust fund80000Chemotherapy & supportive treatment
    2301.11.2018Baby Shreyas c/o Shishumandir, Bangalore7 monthsCardiac problemAnonymous50,000Cardiac surgery
    2203.10.2018Sudarsha, Kalburgi2Adrenal NeuroblastomaTrust fund, Bindu Reddy, Rohini, Dr Lakshminarayana swamy, Dr Manjunath105000PET Scan
    2116.05.2018Anusha, Hyredabad21Blood cancerTrust fund1,00,000BMT
    2019.05.2018Abhishek, S/o
    Chandramma, Hoskote,

    13Non-hodkin's Lymphoma

    Trust fund, Dr Chndrakala21000PET Scan
    1909.05.2018Dipayan Haldar, West Bengal
    6Bone cancerTrust fund, 2700Lumbar spine MRI

    Harshitha d/o Basvaraj & Jayamani, Bangalore

    15Hodkin's lymphoma

    Trust fund, Ms Meenakshi V P2,69,5004 PET Scan, BMT & Chemeo
    1710/04/2018Shahina Bhanu d/o Shabhana, Bellary,15Acute Myeloid Leukaimia (AML)Trust fund,6000PML-RAR Test
    1605/04/2018Rajdeep Debanath s/o Dula Debanath, West Bengal5Brain tumorTrust fund, Ms Veena Prashanth, Mr Basavalingappa10500PET CT
    1528/03/2018Chirag s/o Sangeetha, Jayanagar, Bangalore8Acute Lymphoid Leukaimia (ALL) (Relapse)Trust fund, Dr Lakshman A M7820Chemotherapy
    1423/02/2018Revanna Siddu s/o Savitha Sharanappa, Alluru, Chittapura taluk, Kalburgi district.11Ewing's SarcomaMr. Bharath Reddy, Trust fund10500PET Scan
    1303/02/2018Kushal s/o Chaitra, Channarayapatna2Abdominal NeuroblastomaTrust fund10500PET Scan
    1224/01/2018Shivaraj s/o Manjula, Chelageri, Rona taluk, Gadag district9Hodkin's lymphomaTrust fund & social media campaign4.80.5003 PET Scan, treatment at St John's hospital.
    1123/01/2018Subham Samanth s/o Gopal Samanth from West Bengal. 4Brain tumourTrust fund, Dr Siddaramanna30200MRI & Surgery
    1004/01/2018Abhishek, Kalburgi3Kidney cancerTrust fund10500PET Scan
    922/12/2017Ashraf Ibrahim, Bangladesh3Acute Myeloid Leukaimia (AML)Trust fund, Dr. Manjunatha Shinde, Smt. Shobha Devi14200Chemotherapy
    824/11/2017Hemashree, Bangalore5Acute Lymphoid Leukaimia (ALL)Trust fund, Dr. Siddaramanna10000Supportive therapy after bone marrow transplantation
    708/09/2017Magendra, Hosur11Acute Lymphoid Leukaimia (ALL)Trust fund, Dr. Parameshwara Hegde, Mrs. Usha18200Chemotherapy
    608/09/2017Mursalimsekh, Westbengal.72Lung cancerTrust fund, Mr. Samahith26000Chemotherapy
    507/07/2017KarunashrayaTerminally ill patientsTrust fund20000Palliative treatment
    407/07/2017Manjula, Bangalore40Breast cancerTrust fund9915Screening & MRI
    317/06/2017Subramanya, Bangalore60Intestinal cancerTrust fund5000CT Scan
    224/05/2017Vishwas, Udupi9Acute Lymphoid Leukaimia (ALL)Trust fund10400PET Scan
    124/04/2017Narayanamma, Hindupur60Cervical cancerTrust fund7250Radiotherapy