Progress till date:

  • We have helped seven girl students from economically backward and socially disturbed families and sponsored their college fee to the extent of Rs 1,52,000.
  • We have distributed note books and school bags in two rural government schools and could mobilize Rs 60,000 for this programme by motivating our friends and colleagues.
  • Fund has been raised to support late Dr Gatti Yogish’s son and Rs 1.09 lakhs has been contributed by vets.
  • We have provided ‘Digital class room’ facility by installing ‘Vidya mitra’, an e-learning soft ware in co-ordination with Rotary foundation in a rural school in ID Hally, Madhugiri taluk, Tumkur district. Similar facilities are planned in five more rural schools.
  • Sl NoDateDonorStudentCourse & CollegeAmount
    Suganya M
    III BA, St.Ann's college, Halasur
    Chaitra V
    III BCom, Excellent college, Chatrakodihalli, Kolar
    318/07/2018Dr Renukaradhya
    Shilpa A P
    II DEd, St.Teresa's College, Chamarajapet, Bangalore
    418/07/2018Dr Renukaradhya
    II PU (Sci), St.Teresa's PU college, Chamarajapet, Bangalore9000
    518/07/2018Dr Veena A S
    Afrin Jennisha AII PU (Com), St.Teresa's College, Chamarajapet, Bangalore10000
    18/07/2018Dr Sridhar
    Afrin Jennisha AII PU (Com), St.Teresa's College, Chamarajapet, Bangalore5000
    624/07/2018Dr Mohan
    I Bcom, St Joseph Autonomous college12000
    724/07/2018Dr Mohan NethravathiI Bcom, St Joseph Autonomous college
    TOTAL24/07/2018AnonymousNethravathiI Bcom, St Joseph Autonomous college11000