One can volunteer in our activities in many ways.

1. In-person

  1. Help to organize blood donation camps, health camps and awareness camps,
  2. Volunteer to donate blood and introduce other donors to the Foundation.
  3. Counseling and creating awareness to patients to face the situation and giving them psychological support at times of distress.

2. Identifying targets for projects

  1. Help identify needy schools in rural areas to support them with infrastructure facilities.
  2. Help identify poor and deserving talents to support them in pursuing their studies.
  3. Help identify unemployed youth to impart required skills to make them employed.

3. Contributing ideas and expertise

If you are specialized in any field of activity like, organic farming, water management, alternate energy resource management, health specialist, and any other related and relevant field, you may contribute with your ideas to design new projects in this sector. Or if you know such experts who would support and co-ordinate in our projects, you may introduce them to the Foundation.